3 Essential Elements of Your Next Twitter Marketing Campaign

Terri Deno
2 min readJul 14, 2022

Twitter is a great way to establish an online audience and build engagement with that audience. If you want to take your social media presence to the next level, you can easily create a Twitter marketing campaign that will help you reach even more people. Here are the three elements you will need to have a successful Twitter marketing campaign.

Establish Your Objective

Knowing what you want to gain from your ads is important to craft a campaign that helps achieve that goal. The most common objectives for these types of social media campaigns can include finding new followers, increasing brand or product awareness, driving traffic to a website, and more. After you have established a clear objective, you can start thinking about the audience you will be serving with your Twitter ad campaign.

Find Your Audience

An objective needs to have an audience that will be the most responsive to your call to action. That is why you need to know who your target audience will be before you craft your Twitter ad. Depending on your objective, you will be targeting either existing customers that haven’t connected with you on social media yet, or with new potential customers that will be discovering what you have to offer for the first time.