An Attempt to Make Sense at Work

Terri Deno
1 min readJun 29, 2023
Photo via Pixabay


Unkind silence
it’s all I get
mourning over a loss,
crying over something
I’ve never found.
You take it upon yourselves
to ignore me
or to throw treasures my way
to keep my melancholy at bay.

Ignorance is bliss if you know when to use it.


Patterns float all around.
The circular cycle
that is our birth and death.
The linear line our journey rests upon.
The amorphous splotches attacking our beautiful shapes,
scarring our lines,
leaving everyone with the notion
that we’ve been hurt.


Howard Roark’s got nothing on you.
You are the epitome of genius.
Destroy everything you create.
That’ll show the world what you’re really made of:
unrequited love and sticky hormones
bright lights and burnt bulbs
common sense and complete stupidity.