October Retro Horror Marathon 2022: Week 4

Terri Deno
5 min readNov 2, 2022

There are two distinct categories that this week’s movies fall into: laughably bad, and nearly getting to that coveted scare. Did I get scared this year? You’ll just have to check out this week’s titles and see.

Werewolf Woman (1976)

I’m not sure what everyone was thinking with this movie, but I know it wasn’t horror. While I do realize that a werewolf woman would have to be naked at some point in this movie, did she have to be naked throughout the whole thing? This one didn’t focus on the scare, but rather on the primal lust said werewolf woman would have to have in order to kill. Or something like that.

Verdict: boring due to the usual pitfalls of 70’s Italian horror

Frankenstein ’80 (1972)

The last Frankenstein title of the season, and arguably one of the worst. Yes, there is a created monster in it, and science experiments, but mostly it’s an ugly dude trying to kill prostitutes. The detectives in the film look really bored with their job finding the monster doing all the killing, and as with many inexpensively made Italian films, the dubbing of the voices being off takes away from everything else. And can it be asked aloud why a 1972 movie is called Frankenstein ’80?

Verdict: a poor imitation of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation

Trip with the Teacher (1975)

Oh, this one is part of a genre I somehow keep stumbling upon. I don’t know if this particular title was ever popular with the drive-in movie scene, but with many of these late-60s/early-70s films, they feel like they were made for audiences that didn’t want to pay attention. It’s a film where the cute little girls get kidnapped by the crazy scary biker dudes, and what you think would happen does happen. While the right side ultimately prevails, there wasn’t really a tried-and-true lesson in the plot.

Verdict: not scary

Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985)

I considered skipping this one because it’s Stephen King and his stuff tends to stay with you for a while. However, the description had both comedy and horror, so I checked it out. It doesn’t provide an outright scare (maybe a…