October Retro Horror Marathon 2023: Part 2

Terri Deno
3 min readOct 17, 2023

More delightfully campy horror treasures

Unlike the previous two years, I haven’t found a ton of titles on Tubi that both meet the criteria of being a horror movie and one that seems interesting enough to check out. However, I can say that there are few treasures in this week’s movies.

The Magnetic Monster (1953)

Again, with the theme of humans are scarier than any monster in the universe! I mean, yes, the impact of major innovations can be scary, but does it earn the horror category when it’s in a movie? Eh. Maybe not.

This movie follows what can only be described as a magnetic substance, but it grows, it changes, it causes general havoc. The scientist who created it obviously let it get out of hand just to satisfy his own curiosity. They go to the ends of the earth (or Canada) to get it stopped, but as always it comes at a price. This most disappointing thing about this movie is that it introduces Jean Byron playing the wife of the main character, makes sure that audience knows that she’s expecting, but then doesn’t do something awful to her, which it what you would expect from a true horror movie. Not a scary movie, but does make you think about power and who controls it.

Psycho Beach Party

This is a horror parody gem that I had never heard of before. However, there are many top names in the cast, including Lauren Ambrose, Thomas Gibson, and Amy Adams. It takes one of my favorite run-of-the-mill characters (Gidget) and turns the idea of a cute little surfer teen upside down.

Half of the movie is a straight up parody of Gidget — only in this case, it’s Chicklet, and she has a secret that she herself knows nothing about. That’s where the other part of the movie comes into play. The beach town is being tortured by some psycho killing off people with imperfections, and it all starts on a typical night in a typical drive-in theater.

It’s a fun movie, but by no means are the seemingly random killings scary. It’s a movie I would watch again just to pick up on some of the other fun details that I may have missed the first time.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)